What is UMSTEL

UMSTEL is a Multi-asset Web based Trading Platform developed for financial institutions. UMSTEL features the fastest industry web based propriety platform.

Main advantage for Brokers

Transparent execution

10000+ instruments: Stocks, ETFs, Indices, Futures, Forex

Unlimited White Labels

Free testing period

Order routing to worldwide exchanges

No markups on market data. No monthly fees

Corporate events support (splits, dividends adjustment)

MT 4/5 API integration

  • Market data and liquidity: Directly from worldwide exchanges and OTC. No markups.
  • Advanced routing rules: Custom routing settings for account per instrument. Different routing destinations available depending on order volume and market liquidity
  • Advanced margin setting: Margin requirements can be set for each  instrument per account group, account or instrument open position volume.
  • Advanced commission settings: Commission can be set for each  instrument per account group, account or order volume.
  • Market data and liquidity to your MT4/MT5 server: Real-time streaming data for 10k+ instruments with DMA to worldwide exchanges through leading prime brokers.
  • Redundancy + Scalability + SSL encryption: Comply with EU regulation provisions.

UMSTEL Platform Overview

UMSTEL features the fastest industry web based financial charts and advanced technical analysis tools.

UMSTEL Personal Customization & Control

Multi-charts and Linked Charts

The platform supports multi chart mode instantly changing  chart layouts that supports up to 6 charts. All charts can be  linked to an instrument that user selects in terminal  workspaces.

Trading from the chart

Active Orders and Deals instantly synchronized with charts.

Order types

Umstel supports following types of orders: Market, Limit &  Stop. Orders executed directly on stock exchanges within milliseconds.

Margin and Cost controller

Before sending an order for execution user can estimate Margin & Commission involved if the order is executed.

One click Trading

With one-click-trading user can enter a position fast and safe. Predefined volume saved for each instrument individually.

10000+ Instruments

Searching an instrument by ticker or name the platform  returns an immediate result. 10000+ Forex, Spot Metals,  Stock's, ETF's, Futures instruments available.

Watchlist & Realtime updated Tops

Umstel features custom and system watchlists and updated  real-time quotes from different exchanges.

UMSTEL Hosted Solution

Hosted Solution:

  • Trading Platform: Server + Terminal Hosted
  • SaaS solutions: software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted
  • Market data & liquidity to MT4/MT5: Liquidity directly from our partners and Market data gathered directly from the exchanges.


Terminal integration: to other trading servers. Source code delivery.

Umstel will integrate the terminal with any other trading server using a trading server API. As a result, we deliver a  integrated terminal to the client in source code. The client can then proceed to upgrade the terminal with its own  modules. For example – the client can implement user registration directly from the terminal or integrate payment  systems directly in the terminal.


Charting library: Source code delivery.

UMSTEL Strategy Builder

UMSTEL is proud to present the easiest and most functional automated strategy builder.

With no knowledge of programming or hassle of code, we help every trader build a robot.

Anyone can build, test and run strategies directly in our cutting-edge web based terminal for over 10000 instruments using our free real-time market data and fantastic interactive financial charts.

Both experienced and novice traders can now have a user friendly interface to automate any existing or new trading strategy using the UMSTEL Platform.

Why our Strategy Builder?

  • All strategies run on the server – faster for executing transactions, saving at least 50 – 100 milliseconds for each trade compared to other conventional robots.
  • UMSTEL provides the deepest historical data that goes back to 1970, which is available for back testing your long-term strategy. We have also created the fastest and most accurate testing on bars.

Strategy Builder: The Benefits

  • Marketing: Umstel's provides traders a new direction in their current investments and attracts sophisticated and Algo traders.
  • Sales: Umstel will help create new lead generation of traders looking for an alternative to traditional automated trading methods. Hence increasing the volume of deposits and transactions.
  • Volume: Umstel`s unique Martingale feature will wake up dormant traders with sophisticated needs. This will help provide ongoing volume to the company's existing trading volume.
  • As a holder of redistribution license from the exchanges Umstel prides itself on being 100% EU compliant with a pure technology methodology which is based on a price of product only.
  • Umstel also holds a Certification from the Financial Commission(FinaCom): https://financialcommission.org/umstel/

UMSTEL Solution


UMSTEL’s Basic solution providers every new or existing Broker a fully functional platform catering to every market. The platform will be delivered fully branded and equip with the capability to host a vast amount of Stocks, ETF’s, FX and other instruments. The Basic Solution is hosted on UMSTEL’s Servers and requires no further development from the brokers side.


  • SETUP:  €5,000
  • MONTHLY FEES:  €1,000 (No Whitelabels) Support Fee
    €3,000 (Unlimited Whitelabels) Support Fee
  • PROCESSING FEES:  FX = 5 USD per million
    Stocks, Indices, Futures = 0.50 USD per execution


UMSTEL’s Standard Solution providers the Broker access to a free server open source code alongside with the Web based Frontend of Trading Terminal and Admin Portal delivered in compiled files. This package contains basic server modules which can be tested and queried. Further development can be achieved within the existing source code if required which will incur extra cost. The current standard solution contains eight Basic Server Modules, however extra modules may be acquired upon request.


  • SETUP:  No Setup Cost
  • MONTHLY FEES:  €3,000 Licensing Fee
    €1,000 Support Fee if the Broker requires ongoing assistance
    No Binding Volume Fee


UMSTEL’s Premium Solution provides the Broker full control of all components of the solution. The Broker will receive the Terminal and Admin frontend, Charting Library delivered in Source Code. This solution providers the broker the ability to fully develop, control and tailor the solution to his organizational needs. Moreover, the broker has the ability to further enhance the current systems to suit the current and future requirements of the company. This solution provides the ability to onboard a proprietary terminal.


  • SETUP:  €100,000 One Time Fee
  • MONTHLY FEES:  €1,000 Support Fee if the Broker requires ongoing assistance
    No Binding Volume Fee


Solution One Time Fee Monthly Fees Frontend User/Admin Server Source Code Delivery Frontend source code delivery User/Admin Charting Library Source Code
BASIC €5,000 €1,000 (No WL) Support Fee
€3,000 (Unlimited WL) Support Fee
STANDARD €3,000 Monthly Licensing Fee
Optional Support Fee €1,000
PREMIUM €100,000 Optional Support Fee €1,000


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